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BTS reacting to another member being your Snapchat best friend. Hope you enjoy it! My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 5 - Morning Confession] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, Stranger from twitter turned out to be Jimin *Requested* pt. Kim Namjoon is really a smartass. However, he had promised Jungkook that the two of them would go out and relieve some stress as well as get to know the neighborhood better. Let me know if you would want to read the rest. by luvwrestlinfangurl) You Matter Too (emeto and other forms of angst, 3,806 words, ot7, ot7 but mainly seokjin-centric. I learned Mandarin with practice! Suga : Come on (Y/N), do it with swag! Jungkook sat in the corner of the room, watching as Jimin pulled a shirt on over his head. So when he accidentally says that BLACKPINK's Jisoo is his girlfriend (which is a lie), he HAS to keep the act up! Maybe ask her nicely to pretend? Chapter 4. ” 21. ” The magazine lay on the coffee table in the bakery, staring up at Yoongi as he pulled down the black mask, shifting so he was comfortable, one arm resting on the back of the sofa, around your shoulders. hi, i've been looking for this fic and i think it was yoonmin maybe or jikook, i think it was a vampire au but it was deleted on ao3 and you guys once posted the link to the writer's google drive, i know this is all over the place and it kinda doesn't make sense but i'd really love it if you guys helped, THANK YOUUU HAVE A GOOD DAY A video was recently uploaded on social media that appears to show one of BTS’ managers threatening one of the members. 1] #bts #bts texts #bts fake texts #bangtan texts #bangtan fake texts #bangtan #bts jimin #Jimin #park jimin #Jimin fake texts #Jimin scenarios #Jimin imagines #bts imagines #bts scenarios #Jimin texts Overworked/ Lay/Yixing nurse au word count- 1073 To you this was completely unnecessary to do, all that happened was that you fainted at work. 24,950 BTS: The guild of the silver sword formed to fight the vampires and nearly put them to extinction until the 3rd dark times begin and the Vampire wars also begin Posted on 07/04/2018 by BTS Wallpapers Posted in bangtan, bangtan boys, bangtan sonyeondan, bangtan wallpaper, black hair, bts, bts background, bts jimin, bts phone wallpaper, bts wallpaper, bts wallpapers, jimin, jimin black hair, jimin hair, jimin selca, park jimin, phone background, phone wallpaper, phone wallpapers, selca, selfie DreamCatcher Words: 13k (oops) Genre: Fluff & Angst Summary: When your dreams are more or less nightmares, monsters inside your head that eat you alive, it seems like the only person who can help you 1) The MC is Iris Huang, a fictional character along with her family and the other Big Hit trainees. “Let’s just finish this interview, I’m okay,” he reiterated. We ship worldwide to any country for free. I rushed over to Kevin. BTS Reaction to their S/O getting hurt when they're on tour I sorta changed it a bit from it just being broken or sprained. This one has quite some fluff in it I guess, it gets touchy feely a little lol. highest rank: in fanfiction In which the highschool bad boy and … Obs: ×Registrado no cartório× 🌚sє gσsτα ∂є sє iℓυ∂ir vєiσ ασ ℓυgαr … # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Oh goodness I just fainted V Tae bts Bangtan jeon jungkook that name brings fear to all of korea and America well except one. I don't if its just me but Im kind of obsessed with bare faced BTS. What did you get by BTS_sickfics) Chapter 3 of RUN BTS, a behind the scenes fanfic (emeto, 25k words, ot7, jimin and hoseok-centric. "Wha…" I was too exhausted and confused to give him a proper answer, but I had so many questions. 13 Aug 2017 BTS Scenario: Jungkook faints !!! where kookie is performing on stage and faints + boys reactions!! enjoy!! Steam and sweat clung to the curves  12 Nov 2017 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship/Family - Words:  14 Mar 2018 Did you know a jikook fic where jimin faint on stage and jungkook is worried as hell ? XD and jikook supernatural au too ? Thank you ans love  13 Jan 2015 Manager answered, “The doctor says it may take awhile for the medicine to take affect, so we have to watch for signs of fatigue and fainting for  BTS | How Handsome (Faints) Jimin Jungkook, Bts Bangtan Boy, Namjoon,. when they came out, i couldn’t believe it. Steam My dongsaeng just fainted. “BTS’ Suga reveals he’s been dating for years, with marriage in the picture. You had invited him over after all. Keep your eyes open. ONESHOT. If i upgrade my vocal abilities, i also think that BTS level will rise. stage in the middle of performance, and it was something serious that he need to go to the hospital quickly] He didn’t know what was happening to him. Sure this wasn’t the first time it had happened in fact SHINee's Taemin talked about the cute friendship outwear he and his close friends have designed. But since Highlight Reel changed the timeline I don't quite know, if I can use these parts. On the October 19 airing of Naver's 'V' Live, Taemin talked about his best friends BTS' Jimin, EXO Ice queen is never going to be finished, I’m sorry about that too 鸞 it was my last huge fanfic and compared to my other works i still remember how i wanted it to end, but unfortunately i fell out of bts and I’m not coming back i was planning a happy ending for this series but I’m glad that i made myself come to this point at least, so now we can have some kind of an open ending, which A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or Bangtan Boys. Putting both of his hands under the arms of the boy, he slowly lifted him up. . ” - taehyung, third muster day two” Read Gifs de BTS from the story Gifs de BTS by with 123 reads. BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. You sit up, gently remove your hand from his grasp and stroke him on the head lovingly. Find images and videos about bts, bangtan boys and jhope on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. ” He pulls back to inspect your face, a small grin on his face that turns in to a smirk, “you fainted when you came. to the hospital and confirmed that he fainted during the fanmeeting, but  29 Mar 2018 In Episode 2 of BTS' YouTube Red documentary, 'Burn the Stage,' There's no arguing that BTS aren't some of the hardest working pop stars  19 Aug 2015 Big Hit Entertainment were forced to respond to worried fans after BTS member Jimin fainted and fell off the stage at a fan meeting in Japan. he tried to get rid his addiction to drugs, you can see he emptied the bottle and throws the pills in fire. concert/showcase and V fainted on. Summary:all hoseok wanted to know was why yoongi always wore a beanie. I did this fanfic for every member, but only translated Jungkook for now. But because all (BTS) of our ideal types are different, i don’t think we’ll date the same girl. I felt myself being pulled up from the floor by two people. “I am a sinful man. “You had us worried, silly girl. bts escenarios bts bts rap monster bts rm bts namjoon bts jin bts jimin bts kim seokjin park jimin bts v bts kim taehyung bts jhope bts jungkook hoseok jeon jungkook jung hoseok bts min yoongi bts suga bts request requests request bts au bts angst bts fluff bts smut . BTS reacting to you sleeping without a bra. com) submitted 3 years ago by steinsman 59 comments bts bts fanfic bts fluff bts imagine bts one shot bangtan boys bts scenarios jhope all that happened was that you fainted at work. The first two episodes have hit the video sharing site, with the first showing the behind the scenes as they prepare for some huge Ice queen is never going to be finished, I’m sorry about that too 鸞 it was my last huge fanfic and compared to my other works i still remember how i wanted it to end, but unfortunately i fell out of bts and I’m not coming back i was planning a happy ending for this series but I’m glad that i made myself come to this point at least, so now we can have some kind of an open ending, which 'Anterograde Tomorrow' is a popular kpop fanfiction that has captured the attention of millions of kpop fanfiction readers since 2012- especially fans of the kpop group 'EXO' because the main characters are from that particular group. BTS Jungkook enduring PAIN after a LIFE was saved because of him and still chose to perform for ARMY - Duration: 6:18. 1 [pt. V resolution in 2014 —-> “I want to upgrade my vocal power a lot and i want to impress a lot of people. New Here Update! So I guess a few of you like the series so I will finish it. Jhope: as he knew what happened to his daughter, he wasn't able to accept the truth and kept denying until confirms it to him. You touched his abs. This shouldn’t be as complex as it is--- they should just move in the presence of the person’s soulmate, but no. Welcome to the Neighborhood (New Surroundings) A/N: I hope you’re enjoying this so far! Even though we are now only on part three 😂But I hope this gives you a little more insight! Weak pt. Visit #wattpad #fanfiction Park Hyerin is a playful girl who in her last year at. fanfic, lyrics, bts. I hope everyone likes it though! Sorry it took so long!~ ^Jin^ “Yah (Y/N) Of course, you knew who he was. BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing like them. Tae had come to help Jimin carry me down and into the bus. Min Yoongi also known as Suga from BTS. It had only been two days since Hoseok had fainted on the side of the street and Jimin was still beyond distress. Choosing to pass on your usual library table when you texted him earlier in the day. * Jungkook: mindlessly ran all his way to the police station and beat out to rapist without saying a single fucking word. Y/N POV I can't wait for today. Project: Love Bangtan 2,038,197 views BTS Taehyung Crying And Sharing His Feelings To The Army's About His Grandmother Passing Away - Duration: 8:49. 2) BTS are not the only k-pop included in this story; thus, this is more of a k-pop fanfic if anything. bts bts fluff bts angst bts smut bts jimin bts suga bts jin bts jhope bts jungkook bts v bts rm bts namjoon bts taehyung bts yoongi bts hoseok bts fanfic bts x reader bts senarios bts jin fluff bts jin angst bts jin scenario bts jin x reader bts jin x you to all the boys i've loved before to all the boys ive loved before bts Brief - You had ended up at a BTS fansign by chance but fate had many plans for you and Min Yoongi. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. BTS reacting to you adopting a puppy without them knowing. News, images, videos, Stranger from twitter turned out to be Jimin pt. 💜💜Requests box is Open . You fainted. You stared at your phone in disbelief as you sat in your car, still parked at the fansign venue. bnha fanfiction sof ☆彡 — i like bnha and bts it's super hot out and you feel like you're dizzy and about to faint. His voice kept shaking throughout the whole performance. Find my other series Eat Jin here. We found a abandoned classroom. It's Just a Joke, Right? "Make sure you have everything with you!" Jin hollered out to the two boys rummaging around the dorm before walking out, leaving the front door wide open. 4k words so I apologies I wanted to do more, but I didn’t want to rush anything yet because I want everyone to get to know the character’s background before she goes to Anonymous asked: your writings are srsly the best! can i request for a vhope where an extremely stressed/tired hoseok unconsciously got angry and yelled at taehyung for being loud/hyper and extremely regrets his actions afterwards (taehyung stopped being his usual self like him being quiet and not weird cuhs he doesn't want hoseok to get anymore stressed lOL) and tries many ways to make it up lucas: i bet you can’t make a sentence without the letter ‘a’ mark: you thought you just did something, didn’t you? well, sorry to burst your bubble but numerous sentences could be constructed without Honestly, I just wanted to compartmentalize my thoughts on BTS a little even though this is a really late response, so here goes. Ciaira Victoria 562,144 views Hoseok is the only member of BTS who is completely single, and he's tired of being teased about it. Earlier, it was reported that BTS Jimin fainted and fell on stage after a game event that involved holding his breath during a fan meeting in Osaka, Japan. But seems like he failed, in the end he come back to his addiction, as he chug down all the pills he has, then fainted in the side str Big Hit Entertainment were forced to respond to worried fans after BTS member Jimin fainted and fell off the stage at a fan meeting in Japan. 3% of the nation in the preparatory university entrance exams. Baby you’re so hot I Fainted namjin fluff oneshot PG-13 ‘We are studying across from each other in the library not acknowledging each other and you passed out and fell against my book and I’m so screwed’ au Backtracking yoonmin apocalypse!au oneshot M prompt: imagine your otp slow-dancing to a love song, with Person A quietly singing yandere BTS reactions hi so I'm new tho this so I'm gonna try my best hope you like what I post I do angst and smut most love you all. The BTS Universe or Bangtan Universe (BU) was initially know as "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series", "Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa series" or "HYYH series"  . Shop online from our collection of high quality BTS clothing, accessories, and BTS merch for K-Pop fans. bts love yourself world tour - my experience . “It’s alright baby. his face flushed a bright pink, almost the same color as his hair. Request: “Hello! I’m so glad you figured something out! Could you do the boys reacting to their girlfriend laughing like them? Thank you~” -Anon. the golden maknae fainted after performing on the stage was revealed. She is a happy go lucky person who works hard and loves what she does. Warnings: nothing actually, COME ON its only a 906 words, WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD MAKE SOMEBODY HATE THIS FIC?! well, there is a slight purring, ITS CATBOY!AU~~~~~ and i love it <3 Anonymous said: Please write a story where jin go on an extreme unhealthy diet, and the members are worried, but he still go on a diet, until jungkook come and talk to him about how he dont need to go SUMMARY. Netizens collect malicious comments from anti-fans with regards to Jimin’s fall during a fan meeting with BTS in Japan. 17 Sep 2016 His hyungs don't know what happens when he faints during a radio show. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works We all were shocked, I quickly lifted Yuri onto my back and ran to a different place. ” 22. they were standing right there. ” The memories of what had happened before you fainted flooded your mind and you realized that he must’ve been scared out of his mind when you fell unconscious in his arms. I leaned myself against Jimin and he held onto my hand for comfort. BTS’ Jimin held his breath for too long & fell Welcome to your site! This is your homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to your site for the first time. ' Taehyung is stressed about his own abilities and it takes a turn for the worst. kpop, fanfiction, btsxreader. You had spotted him in the corner of the room nursing a beer as he laughed with Hoseok. [A scenario when bts were doing a. BUT it will continue after Break Down because I do not have s masterlist and I don’t want people to have to scroll through to find it. He is not only good at rapping, he also speaks very well in English, and he also had that English accent. BTS SCENARIO: He gets hurt (Maknae Line)A/N: I hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the feedback! And thanks again to the person who requested this! Jimin: You weren’t worried when he told you about the new if you want to screen record the video, feel free! please give credit if you decide to repost 🥰 #bts #btsedits #rm #jin #suga #jhope #jimin #taehyung #jungkook heyyyy guys check out my new fanfiction! HEYYYY SO NAMJOON IS IN THE FIRST CHAPTER Y’ALL and he has a big part in this book, but right now he is a minor but it will get better i promise right now the word count is like 2. A/n: Ah, I loved writing this! I had to watch loads of videos of them laughing individually and honestly, if anyone knows me, they should My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 4 - Save Me] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a BTS have released their YouTube Red series BTS: Burn The Stage. Hi, can I request a short vmin fanfic? So Jimin has fainted due to a diet and has fallen into Taehyung’s arms. They all look so cute / handsome See more After another hour passes and you finally hear your front door being unlocked, you instantly know it was him as none else knows the password of your house, unless he tells his side chick your house’s password. okay, so i saw bts last weekend. In the short clip, the manager raises his hand against Jungkook, possibly 3. 22 May 2018 “Yoong's fainted. Settling into  More Than A Maknae (BTS Fanfiction) Fanfiction. “you are serious?!” you yelled again. “H-He fainted, I don’t know what to do…” Seokjin smirked and walked out of his room. #bts #bts fake texts #bts texts #bangtan #bangtan fake texts #bangtan texts #bts jimin #jimin #park jimin #jimin texts #jimin fake texts #jimin fluff #jimin angst #jimin imagines #jimin scenarios Usually BTS has been known to stay quiet about religion, but here’s what I know from my hours spent on the boys. one of the MUST READ. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool, for which they won several New Artist of the Year awards, including at the 2013 Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards. And while he nearly fainted upon receiving it, he never in a million years would have thought you’d do what you did. J-Hope waiting to get his wisdom tooth pulled out. BTS reacting to you being Bonnie & Clyde - pt 14 “Y/N. USER CONTENT. Kim Taehyung top kook~ bottom tae~ I'm not doing an intro I will give war. the way you met jeon jungkook was less than ideal, just like the way you ended up living with him for three years wasn’t perfect, just like both of your oblivious selves not realizing you had feelings for each other in between bickering like kids and rounds of jealous wasn’t sexy. “You can’t keep your eyes open for longer than a minute and you look like you’re going to faint!” Jimin sits up straight and widens his eyes, as if it would prove something. You two were dating for a while now, using protection while doing your business wasn‘t even a thing anymore as you didn‘t mind at all. Home aazaad ARMY BTS bts diary BTS fan-fiction Comedy featured Genre-Fantasy Genre-Romance Goryeo History Joseon K-drama Kim SeokJin Megha Sharma South Korea story wikipedia 방탄소년단 When I got stuck in a Historical Drama Episode-2 (FAN-FIC: JIN X BTS) Friends// Jeon Jungkook Pairing - Jeon Jungkook x Reader Summary - Getting annoyed by your coworker from work, who happened to have an office crush on you and also found you eating alone at one of BTS reacting to you being a famous DJ. My ships are OPEN! so I'm doing other group like,Stray kids, Blackpink,nct please say what unit and I'm also doing mafia. ” He said through ragged breaths. Also find the BTS Demon AU here : Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok. He was minding his own business. stayzenniesstuff liked this group: bts; warning(s): virgin!jimin, virgin!reader, fingering, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, long, badly written “you can’t be serious!” you screamed, pausing on putting the sugary treat in your mouth. And Tae just continues to hold him until he wakes up. Fans are getting worried over a recent incident that caused Yugyeom to allegedly lose conscious during GOT7‘s fanmeet in Guangzhou, China. He is gynophobic, in other words, he has a fear for girls. I don't really want to go more in detail of this, so i'll just give you guys the link to the post from allkpop. Police stopped him. She works at a cafeteria along with her best friend and roommate Yun. “Meet Jungkook. and it still feels unreal to say because wow, i really saw bts last weekend. The charismatic rapper of BTS received 900 on the TOEIC when he was in the middle school and was in the top 1. Sure this wasn’t the first Bts react to you overworking and fainting in their arms “Requested by @mukemaloxx ” A/N: Thank you so much for the request! I had fun doing this. BTS is under immense pressure for their upcoming world tour 'Love Yourself. naver. Oh no, BTS's Jimin got hurt! Luckily, the agency, Big Hit Entertainment, quickly wrote a long post about it on Twitter to assure I wrote this fanfic a while ago for a bigger project. by On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Star Show 360,” BTS’s Jungkook shares about a time when he surprised his fellow members by crying. Jin: Doesn’t talk about religion, but I assume he is not religious. Speculation for every members My speculation for JHope is. BTS reacting to you messing up your Korean Jin : * You get mad when you messed up * Aw Jagi, don’t be afraid to try again. until One Shot (PG-13) Atlas The compasses are soulmate marks, appearing at birth and disappearing at death. drive through guy: sir, please just take your food Apr 25, 2019- Read Bangtan Boys Game from the story BTS by Arukoru (—Kumi*゚) with 33,965 reads. Jungkook is a gangster but Y/n is not involved in gangsters as her father doesn't want something bad to happen with her. With that said, they are more integral to the story than the others. During the episode, Rap Monster reveals a time when all BTS reactions: You‘re pregnant-Jin: Telling Jin that you are pregnant wouldn‘t be that hard as he was the one who suggested starting a family soon. “Here, jagiya, touch my abs,” Hoseok said to you, winking seductively as he lifted up his shirt. Really, it nearly shocked him into paralysis when it happened. Find images and videos about gif, kpop and bts on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Come on Minnie, its nothing! Were just kidding with each other, like friends! He hugged   31 Mar 2018 Full Story of How BTS` Jungkook Collpased after the Performance . He also had an IQ of 148. #wattpad #fanfiction Y/N's and Jungkook's families are gangsters. Novo dançarino do Silentó alguna vez [email protected] pensamos que pasaría si estuviéramos en BTS aquí se… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad See more I crashed my bike going down a hill because I had to get off the sidewalk to avoid some guys. 3 - A Namjoon (Rap Monster) fanfic/smut **I didn’t think I would write a third part but I decided to. He was still running, the buildings getting closer together and in the opposite direction that you should be going. ╔════════════════════╗ Trigger So this morning my dear friend told me that Jimin had fainted in a fanmeeting held in Japan. entertain. He may have ignored you, but seeing him like this now quelled all your salty feelings. He has the same hobbies with Jin seokjin: [nervous laugh] goodbyes are so awkward like do I go in for a kiss or a hug or what?. by aryshft) *The Worst Performance (emeto and other forms of angst, 3,066 words, ot7, yoongi-centric. BTS reacting to you accidentally hurting yourself. . 29 Aug 2015 taekook vkook taekook fic angst and fluff kimtaehyungnet bts ot7 jadewrites taehyung jungkook yeah i did this instead of my ap us history  24 Sep 2017 BTS Reactions - You faint from exhaustion during pregnancy You hum along to the song on the radio as you cut carrots for the stew you're  19 Aug 2015 BTS held their 2nd round of Japan Official Fanmeetings entitled “Vol. ” “Oh god. I will try to get some sources, but not all, like the ones which need to be paid (but they can be found online). it’s difficult to explain how surreal the whole thing felt, so i’ll just hit the highlights. Arranged marriage to the gangster (Jungkook ff) Version 1 - Part 14- Fainted Bts J Hope Leather Jacket Punk Fanfiction Books Wattpad Style Jackets Fashion Read Part 14- Fainted from the story Arranged marriage to the gangster (Jungkook ff) Version 1 by Baby_Nochu with 37,338 reads. The PD and BTS’ manager both hesitated at letting him continue. I nearly fainted when dad was cleaning the blood off of my chin because of shock. 2 [pt. Flashbacks from when he fainted on stage where replaying on everyone’s mind and they could only pray nothing like that was happening again, they couldn’t bare that kind of pain once more, of having someone you love so dearly falling before your eyes and not knowing what to do or what might become of them. BTS's Jimin revealed to have fainted during an event. "You fainted…" Namjoon answered nervously. I like a kind girl. We went in and gently placed her down. And a Taehyung one shot I Need U here. BTS reacting to you making random noises while your sleeping. yoongi min yoongi fluff min yoongi angst bts suga x reader bts suga x you bts suga fanfic min yoongi x reader min yoongi x  13 Feb 2019 He doesn't remember much because he fainted soon after he drank the contaminated orange juice but according to members he coughed up  17 May 2017 the night when Jimin fainted on stage Armys were so worried so Hoseok posted this saying "He's sleeping, i'm taking care of him"  there really isn't enough namjoon in my life what are your all time favorite fanfics centered around namjoon? Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS 4 Sep 2016 That idol who suddenly fainted on the ground is BTS' Suga! -Sejin Hyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 'Oh, Min Yoongi fainted on the floor?? 8 Jul 2016 Jimin fainted on stage and, as if it wasn't enough, Jungkook had to sing his parts. Read Fainted (part1) from the story BTS 8th Member (✔️) by damnitbish ( JeonBby) with 11537 reads. Any k-pop idols included in this story are secondary leads. he just shrugged. During today's fanmeeting in Osaka, BTS Jimin reportedly has fainted & fell off the stage (m. The rapper had a reputation, one that made other idols stay away from him, however having been a fan of BTS for a while, you knew what truly lay underneath the hard persona. Hoseok cried. ” Your head is buried back in his chest, mortified while he’s wrapping his arms around you again laughing his contagious laugh. bts, fanfiction, jungkook. Had I waited three seconds I would have been fine, but the grass and the pavement weren’t level. BTS Reaction to a Fan Fainting in Front of Them Namjoon: Namjoon would probably want to go out and get some fresh air after a concert, he would definitely be tired but I can see him needing some time Minji is a Masters Students studying to become a teacher. Notes: Just lovely. (A One Direction fan even copy-pasted the entire story and changed the names into the people of One Direction. :bow: before you read further on, I would just like to apologize for what information I have bts au bts social media au bts jungkook bts taehyung bts jhope bts jimin bts suga bts hoseok bts namjoon bts rm bts texts bts v bts twitter bts jin bts yoongi bts fluff bts fanfiction bts fake texts bts fanfic bts angst twitter au metanoia hobi imagine jhope x reader jhope x y/n jhope x you jhope reaction jhope social media au jhope texts hobi Minji is a Masters Students studying to become a teacher. bts_twt: army, we are all purple (trans) ““purple is the last color of the rainbow. 2]. bts pokemon!au my friend told me the E version photoshoot makes them look like pokemon gym leaders and now i can’t get it out of my head so i wrote a bulletpoint list as to what type of leader i think each person would be!!! Arranged marriage to the gangster (Jungkook ff) Version 1 - Part 14- Fainted Bts J Hope Leather Jacket Punk Fanfiction Books Wattpad Style Jackets Fashion #wattpad #fanfiction Y/N's and Jungkook's families are gangsters. Fainted, also got rushed to the hospital. A video posted on June 19th captured the moment Yugyeom fainted as the members exited from the stage right after a performance. 25,000 BTS: Gadoth conqured The underworld and becomes the king of the underworld and creates the vampire species to kill people who are good and full of light. bts fainted fanfic

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